Smoked Salmon & Chives

Special Holidays

Assorted Canapes

Special Holidays

Meat Pie with Maple Syrup & Pistachio Baklawa Style

Holidays Specials

Quinoa Shrimp

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01.Who we are

We are the Culinarians

We, the Culinarians, delightedly plan your events and craft your ideas with the finest quality dishes ever. Our 15+ years of experience in fine dining and culinary journey helped us in exceeding our clients’ expectations and engraving lasting memories. Our chefs’ philosophy is passion and excellence when creating delectable menus to fit every occasion and clients’ needs.

Brand Mission


Culinary Couture combines quality and elegance when catering towards the ultimate guest experience.


Brand Vision


Whatever the occasion, you can trust CCC to handle the success of your event with the crafting hands of experts.

Being around for




The Best Experience

Through our central kitchen, we take pride in tailoring menus, individual dishes and packages while catering to all types of events from corporate business meetings and conferences to private events and in-house gatherings.
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03.What we do

Our Services

In-House Gatherings


Whether it is a friends’ get-together or a family reunion, we are the experts in organizing for you a highly presentable catering that would give your guests the appreciation that they deserve.

Special Events:


Please rest assured that whether it is your engagement party, graduation, baby shower or kids’ birthday party, we can tailor the menus to the most professional and diversified level possible.



With CCC, we will make your dream day the most memorable and exceptional experience. It surely will require the most exquisite and professional buffet layouts and that what makes us special!

  • In House Gatherings
    • Brunch
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
  • Special Events
    • Engagement
    • Party
    • Baby Shower
    • Graduation
  • Weddings
    • Outdoor
    • Indoor
  • Corporate
    • Business Meetings
    • Conferences
    • Corporate Gatherings


Our Events

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